Maryling the Italian fashion brand's  Autumn/Winter 2019 collection – Metropolis Winter Rainbow.  Rustles up a multi-faceted motif that encapsulates the modern urbanite’s spirited escapade in today’s modern world through contemporary patterns and vivid colors.

Marrying the present and the future, Metropolis Winter Rainbow draws inspiration from an Austrian filmmaker Fritz Lang’s pre-eminent film ‘Metropolis’, set in a dystopian future, alongside the discordance in the modern-day metropolis by using extraordinary imagery and visual effects. Complex patterns mimic bursts of graffiti peeking through an otherwise monotonous skyline, painting a distorted reality marked by chaos and intensity, an ode to the grittiness of modern civilization.

The collection spans four distinct themes, Party Avenue exemplifies an expressionist element with a flurry of bright reds and pinks edited together with plaids and patterns to embody the renewed vitality at the heart of the city. Metropolis Rainbow draws inspiration from sporadic splashes of neon lights and shadows. Bursts of color entwined with bold textures and abstract patterns.                             
Geo Shadows encapsulates the essence of the chromatic greys of modern city life with geometric and abstract shapes, amid sleek and sophisticated pieces. And finally Golden Boulevard depicts warm golden hues that slowly descend into black – a satirical take on the gilded landscape.

Overall with warm coats and conservative colors gives the collection a nice touch for the coming season in Europe but in the South East Asian context a little more color pop may be required. For more on styles and trends visit 
MARYLING A/W 2019 MARYLING A/W 2019 Reviewed by Editor S on September 01, 2019 Rating: 5

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