Disturbing Narratives @ The Parkview Museum

Disturbing Narratives, a follow up from  The Artist's Voice  and Intriguing Uncertainties is the third of a series of thematic shows presented by The  Parkview Museum. Curated by museum Art director Lorand Hegyi, will take viewers through a journey of contemporary art that explores irritating, disturbing experiences and emotions such as fear, uncertainty, irrationality, hidden behind the surface and the conventional perception of our daily life.

The Exhibition which will run until  8th of February 2020 brings works of over 30 artists from around the world who are working with completely different visual languages and media that spans from paintings to sculpture and everything in between . Will surely get your philosophical mind running while devouring unique visuals. Visit @ParkviewMuseum for event highlights and more.

Disturbing Narratives @ The Parkview Museum  Disturbing Narratives @ The Parkview Museum Reviewed by Editor S on June 29, 2019 Rating: 5

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