First Care Activating Serum # Sulwhasoo

Sulwhasoo's FirstCare Activating Serum is the brands latest upgraded offering in anti-aging that promises greater skincare benefits than its predecessor by incorporating principles and practices of traditional Korean medicine "Donguibogam".

Researchers have found the best combination of ingredients and the Golden Ratio that are most optimized for skincare, a core ingredient of the First Care Activating Serum - The JAUM Activator™ is developed based on 5 key medicinal plants founded through data mining, namely Peony (protects meridians), Lotus (radiance), Solomon’s Seal (hydration), Lily (nourishment) and Rehmannia (controls moisture). This anti-aging compound helps awaken potential energy inside the skin that addresses aging concerns and activates the natural rejuvenation of skin while improving skin protection by balancing its microbiome composition, keeping it strong and healthy.

The brands research also claims to shows a 146% improvement in participant skin conditions, addressing Hydration, Radiance, Translucency, Wrinkle reduction, Brightness, and Skin barrier, after using 1 bottle of First Care Activating Serum 60ml.

With claims like that it surely is a must try product to keep you looking healthy. But remember everyone's different, so be always observant to find products that work best for you! Available in stores priced at $55.00 (30ml) and $115.00 (60ml). @Sulwhasoo

First Care Activating Serum # Sulwhasoo  First Care Activating Serum # Sulwhasoo Reviewed by Editor S on July 09, 2020 Rating: 5

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