Summer 20 Accessories #CHARLES & KEITH

Summer is here - and nothing catches the eye quite like gold glinting in the sun.  The key is Accessories! When we've got some layering to add on for that bright summer trend.

This season, CHARLES & KEITH's jewelry collection is strong, bold and modern with chunky chain links take the spotlight with their larger-than-life aesthetics. Made to be worn both alone and layered, these designs are polished and edgy at the same time. Composed entirely of over-sized chain links- mostly gold, with a touch of silver - there is nothing delicate or precious about these statement accessories. Whether they are worn with a casual off-duty outfit or a fancy after-dark ensemble, they would be sure to shine. The range consists of three impossible-to-miss pieces: the chain link choker, the ribbed two-way chain link earrings and the chain link bracelet.

Embrace this new chain link trend that adds a kitchy-cool accent to any look. Repeat after us: summer dresses, accessories ! For more on style and trend visit @Charleskeith.
Summer 20 Accessories #CHARLES & KEITH Summer 20 Accessories #CHARLES & KEITH Reviewed by Editor S on June 25, 2020 Rating: 5

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