Milani # 10 Shades of VEGAN Lip Gloss

A few seasons back, many of us traded in our favourite lip lacquers in for super matte and cream formulas but gloss is making a come back, with fashion icons like Kendall Jenner and Gidi Hadid rocking this back to the  '90s trend. Well if you are feeling a little left out- then it's time to check out Milani's 10 new shades of Ludicrous vegan lip gloss.

Yes the "vegan" lip gloss is so glossy it's ludicrous ! It is made from a vegan, hydrating and enriching natural formula that nourishes and delivers a 3D glossy finish for an all-day lasting shine and the illusion of fuller lips with just one swipe. Now available in 10 shades at both Watsons stores as well as its e-store visit @MilaniCosmetics
Milani # 10 Shades of VEGAN Lip Gloss Milani # 10 Shades of VEGAN Lip Gloss Reviewed by Editor S on March 21, 2020 Rating: 5

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