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Well-known for their fragrance pairing, Jo Malone has introduce a new limited-edition collection that offers a fresh perspective on an iconic ingredient, "English lavender". Now one may know a lot about French lavender which is a popular scent and commonly used in perfumery, but for this twist the brand uses natural English lavender instead and gone in three directions for this limited edition collection.

The collection will take you to a world of violet visions, where English lavender meanders in purple pathways across the countryside. Pampering your senses with the timeless note, each offering a different presentation of natural lavender from strikingly aromatic, fresh with a cool woodiness and cascading with soft florals, falling into a new lavender story with three limited edition colognes - Wisteria & Lavender which is a soft floral presentation of English lavender entwined with sweet wisteria and powdery heliotrope while Silver Birch & Lavender has an air fresh with a crisp coolness that cuts through the scent of lavender and grounded by a woody, charismatic base of silver birch and compelling note of roasted oak, lastly Lavender & Coriander is nestled in a thriving and fragrant herb garden, bolstered by the striking note of coriander, adding an unexpected touch of warmth and sensual balance.

Each distinctive take of Lavender will add a unique touch when paired with another scent, creating a personalized and refined palette for each individual. The collection comes in 30ml decorative bottles which will be available at the boutique and online from March 2020 @JoMalone.
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