BORA AKSU’s Autumn / Winter 2019

BORA AKSU’s AW19 collection draws inspiration in remembering the Russian cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space, In a vibrant palette of pastel colours - seafoam, baby blue, blush pink and lavender the collection is a heavenly mix of iridescent organza and tulle fabrics that encompasses three themes, Boyish Bohemian, Work Utility and Sport Street.

Weightlessness is key, with iridescent fabrics that give soft colours a shimmering, aquatic quality, and an ethereal texture. This quality is tempered by Aksu’s characteristic tailoring in the form of overcoats and boxy jackets that give a nod to new romanticism whilst simultaneously exploring a futuristic element. Boyish Bohemian possessing both masculine and feminine iterations is crafted out of sartorial elegance. Showcasing ethereal textures and reflecting light in a playful manner, the combination of fluid, flowing fabrics and structured silhouettes adds a flair of airy romance to the strong and bold character of the pieces.

Unleashing her inner femme fatale, the Work Utility collection is a force of its own. With A combination of soft feminine fabrics and structured shapes solidify's  the look while at the same time maintaining a relaxed fit for a casual ensemble. Finally the Sport Street collection shines with its subdued yet confident outlook. Alongside, soft elements peak through the mix-match of textiles to create a curious contrast of casual chic and professionalism. For more on styles and trends visit
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