The Best Compact Selfie Cameras 2019

Mark this year as the one to have the best selfies compared to the last, it’s not a crime if you want to look good to feel good. Capture the best angles with a good quality camera is what selfie enthusiast should thrive for, whether it’s top of the line focus lens, or just convenient to use, go through our easy breakdown of ideal compact cameras for taking awesome selfies!

1. PowerShot Canon G7X Mark II

This Canon selfie gem has built-in WIFI for the best travel experience on-the-go. It’s shooting speed will enable you to take amazing photos quickly. The high-resolution screen gives you the opportunity to capture quality photos at high and low angles. And the best part the screen  flips tilts.Estimate Price: SGD 870
2. Fujifilm A-X5

Another great addition to the selfie camera family, Fujifilm A-X5 that has a Potrait Enhancer feature to balance out any uneven skin tones for that flawless look. The remote app helps to transfer photos with ease via Bluetooth, so you can upload photo from your phone anywhere.Estimate Price: SGD 720 

 3.  Canon EOS Rebel SL2 

This camera might fall on the heavier side for compact cameras but it does give more value for your  money with its EF-S 18-55mm STM Lens . Trust that you can take high-quality images with this beauty and with a wide screen to make sure you get the ultimate selfie photo. Estimate Price: SGD 860

4. Sony DSCHX80

One of the most compact selfie cameras that's a steal with touch screen and flip display. It's wide screen will be what you need for taking great photos anytime, standing at around 4-inches in width so you can carry this easily in your bag or pocket. Estimate Price: SGD 480

5. Olympus PEN E-PL8

One of many Olympus's stylish compact cameras making it on the selfie list here. Beyond convenient with built-in WIFI for optimum uploads and sharing. Enjoy the e-portrait features and art filters to enhance your photos to your liking. Estimate Price: SGD 750

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